How to get a lot done in a short amount of time

Most working moms have the same struggle- you have tons to accomplish, but you never have enough time. After a long day of work, you have to still cook dinner, clean the house, prep for the next day and somehow find time to bond with your family. Well here are some tips to help you get stuff done even though you don't have time.

1) Set a timer: Sometimes when you don't have a lot of time or when you are just plain tired, it's helpful to set a 15 minute timer and be laser focused on your task. When I focus on just one area of the house, it also helps reduce my anxiety. Life is much more manageable when you focus on one tasks at a time. So set your timer for 15 minutes and you'll be surprised at how much you can get done.

2) Remove all distractions: I have to be honest. I love to watch TV. After a long day at work, I like to come home, sit my butt on my couch and watch my reality shows. It's how I unwind. However, it's really difficult to get through my meal planning or floor mopping when I'm trying to figure out who snatched whose weave off. So what do I do? I put some head phones off, turn my TV off and just focus on getting my work done. I guess my reality shows can wait until my chores are done.

3) Get super organized: A busy mom barely has time to spare. So it's important to be organized and regimented. To avoid the guessing game, pick one day of the week to get stuff done. So meal plan the same day of the week, clean bathrooms the same day of the week and grocery shop the same day of the week. It's also important to make sure you have a place for everything. Put the kids' toys in one spot and teach them how to put their own things away. That way you're not spending precious time looking for lost items.

4) Get rid of clutter: Clutter is the ultimate time waster and anxiety builder. A cluttered home is a recipe for disaster. Imagine being late for work and trying to find a lost shoe or your car keys. Start 1 room at a time and slowly declutter throughout the year. Your future self will thank you.

5) Finish one task at a time: I'm sure you must be wondering why I say this. Most moms think that multitasking is the way to go. But doing too many things at once not only creates more chaos, but you run the risk of not finishing multiple tasks and leaving more work for the next day. So pick 1 task, complete it, then move the next.

What are some of your time saving hacks?