Learning to ask for help

Scrolling through social media, there are all types of catch phrases implying that moms have to be super independent. There are even songs about being an independent woman, super woman and a woman who has it all.

But let me tell you, no woman can raise kids, have a thriving career, a shining personality, a fit body, a bubbling social calendar without any help. Here are some benefits of asking for help:

1)    Asking for help teaches our kids the importance of having a social support in place: No one wants their child to be the loner, and no one is an expert on every topic. When our kids see us asking others for help, they learn that it is okay to raise their hands in class and ask the teacher for help.

2)    Asking for help is sometimes the only way we can accomplish our goals: We all have wonderful life goals. But sometimes, we do not have the necessary resources to accomplish them. That then becomes the right time to ask an expert on that topic. Asking for help could get the job done quicker: Rather than sitting down on your own and trying to figure something out for 100 hours, it is sometimes quicker to knock on someone’s door and ask them to show you the way.

3)    Asking for help teaches us the importance of humility: I sometimes refuse to ask for help because of pride. When we close our eyes, open our mouths and ask for help we learn the value of humility. A prideful heart is difficult to teach. But a humble heart soaks knowledge up!

4)    Asking for help builds community: When we reach out to fellow moms or friends and experts we build our dream team. Eventually you will have a community of supportive people in your corner. Life is less lonely when you’re part of an amazing team.

5)    Asking for help takes some of the burdens off our plates: Wouldn’t it be easier to delegate certain tasks rather than trying to do it all on your own? Sometimes it could be something as easy as asking your spouse to vacuum the floor or asking a friend to pick the kids up from school.

6)    Asking for help could increase our knowledge: When we ask for help we actually learn more. I am in the process of learning more about finances. Once I began to reach out to the people around me and seek resources, I began learning more than I ever knew. But if I had sat in silence, I would have remained in my ignorance.

7)    Asking for help creates more time for self care: Instead of spending hours feeling frustrated because you can’t figure something out, wouldn’t it be easier to ask someone who knows, complete your task and then have more time to read a book, watch a movie, catch a nap or get a pedicure? Think about it.

Now that you know the importance of asking for help, who can you ask for help today?

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