Why you NEED support

We have all been there- we’ve had a baby crying uncontrollably and been at a loss for what to do. These days one of the first things we do when we’re unsure of what to do is to reach out to Google. There’s a reason why mommy blogs, mommy Facebook groups and other mom communities are so popular. It’s because moms crave community. It turns out that research supports the power of community as well. Here is what the research says about the importance of community:

1)    Community helps reduce stress: It is so much easier to have people around you to share your struggles with. Even if they are unable to solve your problems, a listening ear helps calm you down and gives you time to figure out your next move. Plus, in many cases of child abuse, the mom was experiencing uncontrolled stress. This is not to say that all stressed moms abuse their kids, but stress is a major contributor to child abuse.


2)    Increases optimism: When the day seems gloomy and your girlfriends are there to cheer you up, you realize that spilled red grape juice on your white carpet is really not the end of the world. It gives you the strength to shake off your frustrations and be a better mom the next day.


3)    More access to important resources: The larger your community, the more resources you have access to. It’s almost like having Siri as your personal friend. Moms have a wealth of experience and when you reach out, they are usually more than willing to share their knowledge with you. Moms are walking encyclopedias for recipes, fun activities, career knowledge, fitness strategies and so much more.


4)    Community normalizes your experiences: Just when you think your child is the only one who rips all of his pants at the knees (or is that just me?) or your daughter is the only one who refuses to potty train, when you reach out to other moms, you realize that your child is normal. You also figure out that you’re not the only one who hides from your kids or sometimes wishes you could take a solo vacation. We are all going through similar struggles.


5)    Helps you achieve goals faster: Community brings accountability and people are much more likely to achieve their goals when there are other people watching and holding us accountable.


So there you have it- 5 simple reasons why you should get plugged into your own mom tribe. How will having a mom community help you?

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