How to create supportive friendships

Life can get lonely as a busy working mom. From work, to school run,s to cleaning up after kids, it is easy to get into an isolated rut. Here are 5 easy ways to find and create supportive friendships so that you have someone around you to lean on.

1) Be open to new adventures: The first step is to be willing to step out of your mom bubble. It's really easy to get used to your daily routine. Be willing to try new things and go to places you normally wouldn't go. For example, if you're idea of fun is catching a movie, be willing to visit an escape room or joining a book club. That way you find other moms who can bring a little spice into your life.

2) Set clear boundaries: Although it's a great idea to try new activities and go to new places, know what you are absolutely not comfortable with and stick to it. That way you stay away from people who are way too adventurous or who participate in activities that make you cringe. So for example, if you're strictly into gospel music, don't even bother joining a women's hard rock club. It would only end in you being disappointed. And when your new found friends want to drag you to an activity that makes you uncomfortable, or that doesn't fit your lifestyle, don't be afraid to say no.

3) Be fun: Friendship is a two way street. Don't expect your friends to plan all the girls' nights. Try being creative. That way they don't feel like you are sucking them dry.

4) Be considerate: If your friends are moms as well, chances are that they have busy schedules just like you. Always put their schedules and lifestyle into consideration when you are planning a trip or a night out. Try to be accommodating so that everyone can join in.

5) Don't be a conflict avoider: If you want to have truly supportive friends, you have to let them know when they step on your toes or rub you the wrong way. Conflict every now and again will actually bring you closer. But if your friend says something upsetting to you, but you pretend like it never happened, then frustration will fester and the friendship will end eventually. Learn how to address issues head on, make up and move on.

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What's your favorite way to create friendships?