How to find your individual purpose as woman of God- even as a family woman

Today we have yet another blog post by Nina Dafe. She will be sharing about how to find your purpose even as a busy family woman. We are so excited to have her enlighten us here on the blog.

So last week, I sent you loads of Biblical examples proving that women working after having kids is not against God's design. However, you may have been left wondering: 

"How do I now find my own individual and unique purpose as a woman of God, outside of being a helper and mother?"

Well, I think that there are multiple layers to this question. For one, you can't forget who you are as a person, outside of the many hats that you wear (including that of helper and mother). God is the best at seeing us for who we are and reminding us of who we are as women, outside of our many roles. So the best way to discover the call on your life is really to get before Him. Here's how: 

In the Far Above Rubies Collection Resource Library, there's an ebook based on Mary (the mother of Jesus') life that I wrote and takes you through the steps of "How to Walk in God's Purpose for Your Life (Plus the 7 Features of a God-given Assignment". If you really want to know what your unique purpose is, take the steps it outlines-

Step one: Acknowledge that there is a Call on Your Life

Before we can walk in our God-given purpose, we must acknowledge that we have one because God does nothing without cause. In other words, the precursor to us being able to walk in our purpose is a belief that we are significant and that God created us to contribute something to the world for His glory. There must be a recognition that God can and does still work through His people, and (because we are His people) He has also called us to do His will- just like He did Eve, Mary, Jesus and many others.

Step two: Discover the Call on Your Life

To walk in our God-given purpose, we must discover what it is. It is all good and well knowing that there is a call on our lives, it is another thing entirely knowing the specifics of what it is and entails. In order to find this out, we must ask God in prayer and wait for Him to communicate His will. According to scripture, He communicates through mediums such as:

  • The Bible, which is His word (2nd Timothy 3:16)

  • Speaking audibly, just as He did with Samuel and Jesus (1st Samuel 3:1-10; Matthew 3:17)

  • The “still small voice” of the Holy Spirit, which tends to sound like our own inner voice (1st Kings 19:11-13)

  • Other people, just as He did within Elizabeth and Mary’s relationship (Luke 1:39-45)

  • Dreams (Matthew 2:12-13)

  • Angels (Luke 1:26-38; Luke 1:5-17 and Luke 2:8-20)

  • Ideas and visions (Exodus 35:31-35)

That was not an exhaustive list and God may use further means in addition to those mentioned above. Whichever He uses to speak to you, however, it is up to you to-

Step three: Recognise and Accept the Call of God on Your Life

Once you recognise what God is calling you to, accept it. Surrender to God’s will and say “Yes!”. It’s what Mary did (Luke 1:38), even though it more than likely was not how she envisioned her life going and even though saying “yes” put a stigma on her that could have caused her, her relationship with Joseph. However, her “yes” is why Elizabeth declared her blessed (in Luke 1:45) and why she is still celebrated to this day. It’s the same with us. Surrendering to God’s will may come with challenges and possible sacrifice, especially as a helper and mother, but we will ultimately be more blessed flowing in Him than not.

Step four: Add Actions to Your Faith

After accepting your purpose as God’s will, act on it. Add actions to your faith through obedience to His instructions. This is another thing that Mary did, which is also the case with many of the other matriarchs and patriarchs of the faith, as recorded in Hebrews 11. Their examples show us that obedience is not just a demonstration of our love for God (1st John 5:3), but our faith in His ability to fulfill His word through us. This need for faith is especially because, as in Mary’s case, a God-given vision tends to have the following 7 features:

  1. It doesn’t make immediate sense or seems impossible

  2. It requires God to add His Super to Our Natural

  3. It glorifies God

  4. It is socially significant

  5. A God-given vision is very specific/niche

  6. A God-given purpose requires us to move in different realms

  7. God tends to reveal the ultimate purpose of the vision He gives us without revealing the finer details

Access the full eBook here so that you can speak up, step out and shine as the woman of God that He ordained you to be.

Thanks Nina for helping us moms understand that there is more to life than kids, chores and busyness. We all have a deeper purpose.

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